Auto shows & photography

Car show/cruise season is almost upon us and you're going to go along to take some photos;

Here's what I have learnt over the last few years...

You need Patience. People will walk in and out of your shot without a care in the world. You'll also get photobombed on occasion. Be patient. The more patient you are the better your shot will work, and the less post you will need.​

I always take 2 cameras.

One with a 70 - 300mm zoom mounted and one with a F2.8 17-50mm. That way I dont need to be swapping lenses during the day. Spare batteries and memory cards. Make sure you have comfortable shoes on and a decent meal before you arrive. Stay calm and focussed, even when a 5 year old starts screaming in your ear.

Mono pod if you have one can come in handy, I never bother with a tripod at Auto shows.


Most of the owners will be more than happy to show off & talk about their car or bike to you, right up until you start touching it. Unless the owner expressly says so DO NOT TOUCH. Remember always, the person who owns the car has the final say. They have invested a lot of money (sometimes in excess of $100k) & years of blood, sweat & toil into it, Do not EVER touch the car without permission from the owner. Got that? Good.​

Ropes, barriers, guard rails & people walking in front of you are just a few of the obstacles you will have to deal with.

Not to mention horrible lighting if its indoors, distracting backgrounds outdoors, not to mention the rain or heat depending on the time of year.

Be patient.

A polarizing filter will help with nasty reflections, put one on and play around with it.

Settings will vary, depending on your situation, but try to use the lowest ISO possible & have a play with your depth of field to get rid of distracting backgrounds.

Most people at car shows tend to take shots from eye level so dont be afraid to get down on the ground or stand on a box to get a different view. The owner may even offer to buy an image if it's something different.

Remember these guys have been to plenty of shows so they have probably seen thousands of images of their cars, it takes a really special photo to stand out from the crowd.

Don't forget to be patient.

If you are looking for some inspiration of what & how to do it check out these guys

They have page after page of car photos, from shows to track days to races. Simply awesome stuff.

Thats it for now

Cheers all


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