Glamour & Boudior Sessions

Some FAQs about my Glamour and Boudior Sessions

Q Will I appear on your website?

A No. The only time models appear on my website is if they agree to it and have signed a Modelling Release for me.

Q Do I have to be nude?

A No.

Q How do I do my hair and make up?

A I can arrange professional hair and make up for you.

Q I don't know how to pose...

A I can guide you through some basic poses, and by the end of the session you'll be posing like a pro.

Q How much is a session? A Check my pricing. I think you will find I am competitive with other photographers and I can always tailor a session to your needs.

Q Do you have any "specials?"

A Maybe! :)

Q I want to shoot down the beach is that OK?

A Location shoots are a specialty. I love them. Lets do it! Q How do I pay?

A You can pay in cash or be direct deposit. But don't worry about that, lets organize your shoot first.

Q I'm a size <insert size here> do you still do glamour and boudoir sessions for someone that size?

A Yes

Q Can I bring a friend? A Yes

Q Do you cater for couples?

A Yes. I cater for couples of any configuration, Gay, Straight or Lesbian.

Q How long does the shoot take?

A Depending on the specifics of your shoot we could be done in an hour, or it might be several hours. I usually allow 3 hours to get a comprehensive glamour session done.

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