Landscape & Location Photography

My business is one that has been affected dramatically by COVID-19. With the closure of live music venues my concert photography has disappeared and with social distancing rules it is hard (but not impossible) to do a portrait shoot, and my full time gig shooting cars is now but a distant memory.

But fear not, COVID-19 will not beat me! Concert photography will be on as soon as the venues re open and I already have one confirmed booking for that and I will be back shooting portraits again very soon.

So with my current free time I have been putting it to good use and have been re editing some of my older work and that will be up soon.

Over the last month or so you will have noticed that my instagram and facebook posts have been mostly landscape and location photos.

These landscape and location shots are all from the last 7 years, and I have gone back through them and re edited them to post. Not because the original edit was bad, it’s just that my skills have improved and I felt that some of them (not all) could do with a bit of a touch up.

Now that doesn’t mean I have altered the image too dramatically, although there were a couple of images that I have dropped a better sky into the shot, or maybe added a special effect or 2 in places. I believe I have done this while staying true to the original image.

It has been a fantastic trip down memory lane for me, my Great Ocean Road trip, my one and only venture overseas to Bali and many other memories have managed (thus far) to keep me sane while we are socially isolating. Who knows maybe there is a future in landscape photography for me?

Truth be told I have always shot landscapes, I just haven’t made a lot of these images public before now, and now that I have, I am wondering if there is a market for them.

Let me know if you want to purchase an image or two, and I’ll get them to you 8x12 inch prints will start from $50 and 20X30 inch canvas prints will be around $250. Prints will be unframed but mounted so you can match the frame to your own homes décor.


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